Ji Chang Wook And Nam Ji Hyun Had Some Cute Reactions When Preparing For Their Kiss Scene

Ji Chang Wook has quite a playful personality.

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun were a breathtaking couple on Suscpious Partner. One of the most memorable parts of the two is their passionate kiss scenes.

Behind the scenes footage shows that the preparation for these kiss scenes is an adorable one. During one of their takes, Nam Ji Hyun couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the thought of the kiss scene. This prompted Ji Chang Wook to get a little playful with her.

During rehearsals, Ji Chang Wook teased Nam Ji Hyun a little bit more, as he showed some playful ways the kiss scene could go.

Once the scene begins, the two get serious and pull it off greatly.

After the scene finishes, Ji Chang Wook playfully teases Nam Ji Hyun to help relieve some of her stress. The directors couldn’t help but be impressed by how well the two pulled off the kiss scene.

While the scene looked great, Nam Ji Hyun couldn’t help but show embarrassed reactions once the scene concluded.

Here is the full video below!