Ji Jin Hee Startles Fans by Turning a Simple Mirror Selfie into a Horror Movie Scene

Ji Jin Hee tried to get with the times by taking a mirror selfie, but he put his own creepy twist on it.

Actor Ji Jin Hee is currently filming the tvN drama, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, and as much popularity he’s receiving for his role in the drama, his daily photos are getting a lot of attention as well.

Just recently, Ji Jin Hee decided to try out the “mirror selfie” that Instagram-savvy netizens are known for sharing.

When most take a mirror selfie, they usually take it in front of a full-size mirror in order to capture their full fashionable outfits, but something about Ji Jin Hee’s selfie was different.

He must have thought that more mirrors were better because he took a mirror selfie in front of four compact mirrors that only showed his face.

As a result, the final product showed multiple reflections of just his face, and if some eerie music was playing in the background, it could very well look like a horror movie scene.

In any case, Ji Jin Hee deserves an A for effort, and he still looked damn fine in all of those little compact mirror reflections.


Source: Insight