Ji Seok Jin Reveals The Real Reason Why Kim Jong Kook Isn’t Married

Seok Jin told all.

On the latest episode of My Ugly DucklingJi Seok Jin appeared as a special MC and he wasted no time going after his Running Man co-star Kim Jong Kook.

First, he brought up a charitable act he recently did for Jong Kook in order to impress Jong Kook’s mother who was in the crowd.

I’m saying this because Jong Kook’s mother is here, but during the encore concert yesterday, I gave Jong Kook my bonus money so he could go out and eat with the staff.

– Seok Jin

This prompted Seo Jang Hoon to reveal that Jong Kook knew Seok Jin was only doing it because he was on the show today but he took the money away which caused the studio to erupt in laughter.

Finally, Seok Jin talked about why his friend Jong Kook isn’t married yet.

It’s not that they can’t get married, they just don’t. In Jong Kook’s case, he’s just in a position where he can’t meet women. His daily routine consists of three things: walking to the gym, working out at the gym and walking back home from the gym.

– Seok Jin

Well, there you have it. Mystery solved.

Source: Naver