Ji Suk Jin Hilariously Attempts To Prove He’s Friends With BTS’s Jin…And Even Reveals Their Hilarious Text Exchanges

Jin sure sends some interesting text messages.

Ji Suk Jin and BTS‘s Jin share a lot of similarities, such as both of them having the same name. Jin is also the eldest in BTS, while Ji Suk Jin is the eldest in Running Man.

On an episode of Radio Star, Ji Suk Jin hilariously tried to prove to the cast members that he was close to Jin.

Ji Suk Jin even tries to show the cast that he’s exchanged multiple texts with Jin, but the other members are quick to shoot him down.

Jin surely does love himself, where Ji Suk Jin shows that Jin loves sending selfies of himself.

Ji Suk Jin shows admiration towards Jin’s confidence and wishes he could be that way as well.

The cast also finds a text message of Ji Suk Jin asking for a favor from Jin but getting turned down by Big Hit Entertainment.

The cast of Radio Star couldn’t believe Ji Suk Jin asked for a favor from Jin and can’t hold their reactions.

It turns out that Ji Suk Jin asked Jin if he could briefly meet for a segment on Running Man, but Jin was too busy at the time. Jin even tries to make it up to Ji Suk Jin in the future.

Here is the full video below!