Ji Suk Jin Once Had To Call BTS’s Jin To Prove Their Friendship…And It Showed What Jin’s Personality Is Like

Jin didn’t know he was being recorded.

Ji Suk Jin and BTS‘s Jin share a special friendship, and they have shown off their heartwarming friendship many times.

| @jeeseokjin/Instagram

During an episode of Happy Together, Yoo Jae Suk brought up how close the two were. Ji Suk Jin and Jin ended up getting close since they share the same name.

The two are so close that Jin even once personally invited Ji Suk Jin to one BTS’s concerts!

Yoo Jae Suk decided to get a little playful and asked Ji Suk Jin if the person he was conversing with was actually Jin and not an imposter.

Ji Suk Jin ended up showing some of his messages with Jin, and everyone was surprised by how close they were. They saw how Jin would send messages to Ji Suk Jin, telling him what he was doing.

The cast members were shocked by all of this and asked him to call Jin. While Ji Suk Jin was a little reluctant at first, he ended up calling Jin to prove their friendship. When Jin picked up, he greeted Ji Suk Jin warmly.

However, Jin’s voice showed that he had just been woken up by the phone call. Ji Suk Jin ended up apologizing to Jin and told him that he should go back to sleep.

Jin didn’t know that he was on broadcast, but he ended up giving a heartwarming message to Ji Suk Jin before he hung up.

Here’s the full video below!