Former Miss A member Jia releases her first solo track with a sexy MV

Jia shows off her sexiness in her solo artist debut under her new label, Banana Culture, with the music video for her new song, “Drip.”

The music video opens with Jia showing off her powerful, charismatic dance moves and her natural musical talent. Jia rocks any outfit, whether it be streetwear or dresses, as she seductively shows off her vocals to the upbeat song.

Jia captures the male lead’s attention with her fierce dancing and seductive looks, as he looks away with intimidation. In end, she realizes that she doesn’t need him and drives off in a van like a queen.

It’s already been viewed over 600,000 times since its release, proving Jia’s global popularity.

Currently, this is Jia’s first solo project after her departure from Miss A and JYP Entertainment. She’s expected to promote her new song on music shows.

Check out her newly released music video below!