TWICE’s Jihyo Tricks Fans And Calls Them “Dummies” For Falling For It

She called ONCEs dummies not once but twice. 🤡

TWICE‘s Jihyo posted an extreme close-up photo of someone’s face on the Bubble app, creating a lot of speculation on who the person could be. Some ONCEs thought that the face might belong to Jeongyeon while others thought Nayeon.

From left: Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Jihyo | JYP Entertainment

Jihyo teased the guesses for a bit, replying in such a way to lead the fans on. 

Jihyo: Oh I turned out a bit like Jeongyeon

Jihyo: Right!!

Jihyo: You thought it was Nayeon? That’s kinda true too

Jihyo: That’s actually Jeongyeon

Jihyo: Oh you guys have quick senses

Jihyo: It’s actually a lie

Jihyo: Fall for it~

Jihyo: I guess it really looked like Nayeon, a lot of people say it looks like her

Jihyo: It’s actually Nayeon unnie hehe

After playing for a while, she eventually confessed that the picture was actually of herself this entire time.

Anyways, that picture is actually me….Why isn’t anyone playing along with my jokes!! I’m not a liar. I just wanted to play with ONCEs… Why don’t ONCEs know it’s me even when my name is there as expected, dummies!!! It’s me.

— Jihyo

The fact that this isn’t even the first time TWICE’s leader has called fans out on their gullibility. 😅 We might be taking the whole “follow the leader” thing too seriously.

Although we should be used to it by now, we can’t help but get a little emotional. Hey, best friends call each other “stupid” all the time, right? 👀 Right?

Jihyo stays clowning ONCEs. 🤡 We can’t help but love her.

Source: TwiceOnceLand and @twice_trans