Jimin Was Out For Blood After Jin Drove Him Bananas

There’s no such thing as friendship in Run BTS!

In Episode 88, BTS continued the sticker tagging game from the previous episode. Lines were crossed, patience was tested, and Jimin was driven beyond his breaking point!


In this game, each member was both a tagger and a target. Jimin’s target was Suga and Jin‘s target was V. Jimin and Jin could have easily formed an alliance since neither one was targetting the other, but that’s just not how Jin rolls. Instead, he decided to pick on Jimin for absolutely no reason.


Jimin was 100% convinced Jin was targetting him. Jin snatched up Jimin’s painstakingly arranged words…


…no matter how much Jimin whined about it.


Jimin even carried Jin out like trash, but Jin couldn’t be stopped!


After all this fighting, Jimin quit the game and went on a revenge mission instead. He demolished Jin’s stolen words, yeeting vowels and consonants into the night!


The winner’s prize meant nothing to Jimin. All he cared about was making Jin lose! In the end, he volunteered to help anyone bring his nemesis down!