Jimin Couldn’t Keep A Straight Face When Jin Compared Their Dance Skills

Jimin couldn’t control his reaction when Jin said this.

BTS‘s members are all top-level dancers, but some are more naturally gifted than others.

One of these gifted members is Jimin, who makes up 1/4 of BTS’s dance line. He, J-HopeJungkook, and V, each have their own styles that were born from different dance backgrounds. Jimin’s style is largely influenced by his contemporary dance training.

When Jimin moves, he becomes music personified. Jaws drop and millions of fans are left in awe. Some people were born to dance, and Jimin is one of them.

Jin, on the other hand, isn’t naturally gifted at dancing. Over the past six years, he has spent thousands of hours practicing, learning, and refining his technique to reach the level he’s at today.

BangtanTV dropped a video from BTS’s last “Dionysus” stage at Inkigayo. In it, Jin talks about how BTS’s dance director praised his dance skills.

Jimin acknowledged this, but when Jin said that there’s only a small difference between their skill levels…

…Jimin started laughing!

Jin jokingly demanded to know why Jimin laughed, but Jimin dodged the question by telling him not to make comparisons. Then, Jin continued to insist that he’s nearly on Jimin’s level, making him laugh even harder!

For more, check out the video here: