BTS’s Jimin Explains Why He Broke Down In Tears While Drinking On Tour

Jimin told Jungkook and ARMY this touching story in “Bring The Soul”.

BTS‘s Jimin has a tender heart that’s full of love for his members. Sometimes though, caring so deeply moves him to tears.


In Episode 3 of Bring The Soul, “Relationship”, Jimin told the story behind one of these tearful moments to Jungkook over dinner.

[The members] said, after drinking, I came to the hotel and asked for more soju. Then, I said, ‘I’m really lonely.’ I kept saying, ‘I don’t think using separate rooms was a good idea.’

— Jimin


“But I cried talking about the members…” Jimin said. “Not because I like you guys so much, but because you guys were all going through hard times. I was too.”


“Everyone was telling me not to think too much into it. But in my opinion, we are a team and we’ll be together in the future, so how can I not care? I kept saying, that’s not a team then. 


After discussing this a little bit more, Jimin lifted the mood with a funny confession. Since he had been drunk at the time, he couldn’t remember this touching memory at all! He can only remember what the other members told him.


Jimin and Jungkook both cracked up at how dramatic past-Jimin had been that day. Apparently, he had played himself some music to match his mood!

Then, suddenly, I played the music I made, the one that only has the melody.

— Jimin


Jokes aside though, ARMY knows how deeply Jimin loves and how seriously he takes his friendships. In a separate clip,  J-Hope talked about how Jimin loves being around others, which is why having his own hotel room can make Jimin feel lonely.

Jimin though, he enjoys spending time together. Jimin once said, he thinks he’s fortunate being roommates with me. That he’d have been lonely at the dorm. After hearing that, I thought I should be there for him. But when staying at hotels, it’s kind of nice, gives that sense of freedom. But it can still get lonely at some point. Since you’re alone.

— J-Hope