Jimin Goes Viral As “The Blonde Guy With The Silver Jacket” During The AMAs

BTS’ Jimin has just joined his fellow members with a viral nickname after their AMAs appearance!

As Jimin got out of the limousine to walk on the red carpet, all eyes went straight to him.

His stunning good looks earned him the curiosity of the world as he was dubbed “the blonde guy with the silver jacket”.

People just could not stop talking about how handsome and dreamy he looked in his trademark blonde hair and a shiny Saint Laurent silver jacket.

Viewers around the world searched about Jimin, making him one of the trending tags online.

Jimin even has a fan who fell in love at first sight, and she wants to be his future bride.

His charm is so powerful, that it may even question a straight man’s sexual orientation.

It is evident that Jimin gained more and more devoted fans from this event.

This is not the first time a BTS member is getting a viral buzz on the global social media platform.

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Now A.R.M.Y is wondering who will be the next person to go viral.

Now BTS and Jimin can just enjoy all the global frenzy, as they deserve all the attention they get!