Jimin and J-Hope discuss the true personalities of each member, that fans don’t know

Here’s what each BTS member is really like.

BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope talked about the members true personalities in an interview with Japanese magazine “Exile”.


1. J-Hope on Jimin

Jimin is usually really cute. In other words, he was born with cuteness. Another thing, is that although he is younger than me, he sometimes has the attitude of a hyung. So, I think that’s his charm.

— J-Hope

2. Jimin on J-Hope

I have two things to say about J-Hope. First, is his deep love for the members. If someone is feeling down, he will worry [about them] more than anyone else. Second, is his passion for singing and dancing…Actually, I also think he is handsome.

— Jimin

3. J-Hope on RM

The leader carriers a lot of things on his shoulders. To describe him? Genius. The more I understand things, the more I feel the depth of his thoughts. I can’t help but want to learn from him. For me, he is a friend and a mentor.

— J-Hope

4. Jimin on Jin

The interviewer asked if the second of the two was J-Hope to which Jimin answered “his position has been a little shaken lately” with a laugh.

The eldest, Jin, has always been taking care of us so I want to thank you to him a lot. I’m not sure to describe it exactly but, he is similar to J-Hope when it comes to worrying about the members. He is one of the two members with the trait of being a mood-maker.

— Jimin

5. J-Hope on Suga

Suga sometimes calls himself ‘Genius Suga’ however after listening to his mixtape you will really think that he is a genius. [When he says] ‘I was actually thinking about this’, you would learn things that you didn’t know before. [When he says] ‘you can do this kind of thing too,’ then you would be able to learn new skills from him as well. At first glance, he is a bit laid-back but actually, he considers a lot of things and does many tasks. He really is a talented man.

— J-Hope

6. Jimin on V

V is the kind of person who has motherly instincts. Sometimes he acts like a brat, but in our eyes, he’s still really cute. So, I can’t help but look after him.

— Jimin

7. Jimin on Jungkook

Jungkook is everyone’s maknae‘. Sometimes he wrestles people, but even then I still think he’s cute. He is a very important existence [for us] that I can’t simply express in words.

— Jimin

So much love within BTS!

It’s like Jimin put it — everyone of us has a very good relationship with each other, so things have always been ‘love-to-love’.