Jimin just changed his hair to a dark, attractive color

Jimin‘s sudden hair color change while on BTS‘s WINGS tour leaves fans in awe!

BTS’s Jimin has been sporting blonde hair for quite a while, which has been the wish of many fans ever since his debut. However, fans have missed and wished for his dark hair back ever since, and their dreams came true!

First revealing it in a short video he posted on BTS’s Twitter, captioning the video “brown”!

Fans were extremely surprised, when just 3 days before posting that video, Jimin posted a video of himself with blonde hair!

Many talented fans have taken multiple gorgeous photos of Jimin and his new hairdo, and his change in visuals can be seen and appreciated!

He’s like a soft angel.

The brown color looks so natural on him!

Jimin’s brown hair is really a fan favorite!

His brown hair gives him a much more youthful look, compared to the mature aura he was carrying with the gray and blonde hair!

Everyone is sad to see the blonde go, but it was perfect while it lasted!

The blonde really brought out a different side of Jimin!

Any hairstyle on Jimin seems to bring out a new side of him during performances. Maybe that’s why fans just can’t get enough of all his best hair changes and incredible stage looks.