Jimin’s New Tattoos Have BTS Fans Asking “Real Or Not?” Again

Fans spotted several new tattoos on Jimin.

The BTS “real or not” tattoo debate has been rekindled yet again!

It all started when fans first spotted the word “Nevermind” on Jimin’s torso.

At the time, many thought it was a temporary tattoo referencing Jimin’s legendary, tattooed performance at 2014 MAMA. 

In 2020, Jimin still has “Nevermind” on his torso, leading fans to conclude that the tattoo is real rather than temporary.

In 2019, Jungkook also surprised ARMY with body art, following BTS’s month-long hiatus. At first, no one was sure whether or not the ink was permanent.

Now that some of Jungkook’s tattoos have been officially revealed in BTS’s new “ON” MV, the majority of fans seem to agree that his ink is here to stay.

Recently, fans spotted a “13” on Jimin’s left wrist that could be referencing the year of BTS’s debut: 2013.

In this photo, an infinite symbol can also be seen on Jimin’s right forearm.

Since Jungkook previously used skin-toned bandages to cover his tattoos on stage, some ARMYs speculate that Jimin could also have two tiny new tattoos on the back of his arms.

Although ARMYs totally respect Jimin’s decision to answer or not answer the “real or not” question, many can’t help being a little curious!