Jimin Said V’s Breath Stank, so V Responded in a Very Unexpected Way

You could say V was just being very considerate.

On February 20, BTS member, RM did a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live in order to communicate and connect with his fans.


On this day, RM was introducing his studio and chatting with his fans when his fellow members Jimin and V made a surprise appearance and joined the show.

Jimin and V, who are both the same age, goofed around in RM’s studio by imitating the figurines and pretending to the owner of the studio.

When Jimin and V kept visiting his studio as if they were bored, RM invited them in and said, “Just sit here.

That’s when V was seen sitting down while hugging Jimin. At this point, Jimin jokingly said, “Your breath smells. Can you back off, please?

When Jimin said this, V quickly crouched down in front of the air purifier and opened his mouth. V said he was purifying his breath as he continued to blow into it, and Jimin burst out laughing.

RM who saw this strange sight just stared on as if he was too shocked for words.

Only V can make an embarrassing situation into something that makes him look considerate and hilarious at the same time.

Source: Insight