Jimmy Kimmel plays cruel prank on BTS fans, has their Moms meet the boys instead

BTS appeared on on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy Kimmel played a cruel prank on their fans.

BTS fans lined up outside the studio waiting for BTS’s mini outdoor concert, and Jimmy Kimmel decided to have some fun with them.

He spotted few moms of fans of BTS lined up outside with their daughters, and invited them inside, telling them they are just interviewing them for how it is like to be a mother of a super fan.

However, that wasn’t exactly what was going to happen.

The moms were actually invited inside to meet the members of BTS!

The mothers video-called their daughters and left a message that would make them so jealous.

“Sucks to be you!”

— Mother of a BTS fan

The daughters were so surprised, they were left speechless.

Later, the daughters were also invited into the studio to talk about the unforgettable prank.

However, that wasn’t the end of the surprise! They also got to meet BTS!

You can watch the whole prank below: