Jin had food stuck to his lip…then V did something no one expected

BTS‘s members are so close that there are no boundaries for their skinship and these moments between Jin and V are proof.

It’s no secret that the members of BTS have extremely close relationships and are incredibly supportive of one another, as it’s been expressed countless times over the years they’ve been together. It seems that the members only continue to get more and more close as their skinship has gotten even bolder and the members don’t even hide it.

Out of all of BTS’s members V and Jin‘s skinship is arguably the most adorable and over the top.

Check out some adorable moments of V and Jin’s skinship below:

Jin and V are so affectionate towards each other!

Jin proves time after time that he is caring towards his younger members, especially V.

Jin and V can’t hide their affectionate towards each other anymore.

Jin and V love to horse around with one another all the time.


Finally, Jin and V’s ultimate display of closeness can be seen at 8 mins 49 seconds: