Jin Hua Gives Honest Reaction to the Question of Whether He Would Have Married Ham So Won If She Didn’t Get Plastic Surgery

Park Myung Soo wouldn’t stop with the savage questions.

Actress Ham So Won and her husband, Jin Hua recently appeared on TV Joseon’s Wife’s Taste where Jin Hua gave an honest reaction to a question he received on the show.

On the show, Ham So Won revealed, “Jin Hua didn’t have an autograph before, but people kept asking, so he made one.

In response, Park Myung Soo remarked, “I guess Ham So Won would have used her autograph on her plastic surgery consent form. Did you know that your wife got plastic surgery?

Ham So Won was shocked by the question, and Jin Hua quietly replied, “I know.

And Park Myung Soo didn’t stop there. He asked, “Would you have married her before she got plastic surgery?

Jin Hua thought about this question carefully and then responded with, “Hm” to which Ham So Won burst into laughter.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua got married back in 2017, and they currently have one daughter named Hye Jung.

Source: Dispatch