This Jin And Jimin Serenade Will Make You Wish It Was Your Birthday

They gave RM a very unique birthday duet.

If it’s your birthday, congratulations; the rest of us are officially jealous! Today, August 7th’s birthday babies can pretend that Jin and Jimin‘s gift of song is actually for them, not RM.


On August 7, BangtanTV dropped a new “Bangtan Bomb” from RM’s last birthday (September 12). As usual, the members congratulated their leader on turning a year older in their own unique way.


After Jungkook gave RM a birthday slap, Jimin started to serenade him. “Happy Birthday to Namjoon,” he sang, in English. “Happy Birthday, Namjoons!”


Jin couldn’t resist loudly joining in with, “Happy Birthday, my bro!”, and by the end, Jimin and Jin were both shout-singing…


…in perfect harmony. Even when they’re goofing around, they still sound incredible!


Let’s celebrate their vocals with another birthday slap!


Check out the whole video here: