Jin Reveals His Favorite Scene From BTS’s “Dynamite”…And It’s Not A Scene That Focuses On Him

Jin had a simple reason why this was his favorite scene.

BTS is currently achieving great success with their newest song, “Dynamite”.

The music video for “Dynamite” has been gaining a lot of praise for its bright and cheerful visual explosion.

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During an interview with Entertainment Tonightthe BTS members were asked about their favorite scene from the music video, and Jin revealed that his favorite was one revolving around Jungkook.

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Jin’s favorite scene was the part where Jungkook looked at all the members.

Jin’s reasoning was quite simple, as he liked this scene because it was fun.

Jimin also gave praise to all the members, as he believed that all of their charms were shown in the music video.

Here’s the full interview below!