Jin’s Hilarious Workouts Will Make You Wish He Was Your Gym Buddy

He makes exercising fun.

If you dread going to the gym, get yourself a workout buddy like BTS‘s Jin.


During workouts, Jin entertains his members–and himself–by adding a dash of pizazz. Squats? No. Why squat when you can leap! 


Recently, BTS released their annual DVD collection, Memories of 2018, which features a BTS workout session. As usual, Jin turned the gym into a comedy club.


First, he pretended that these feather-light dumbells weighed so much…


…that his shoulders “burst”!


After he finished his set, Jin hoisted the “heavy” weights with all his might and dramatically dropped them on a rack.


Jin also had a hilariously relatable workout moment while on a treadmill. When Jimin ratted him out for cheating at cardio, Jin shouted, “Why are you telling them!”


Conclusion? Best. Gym. Buddy. Ever!