Jin Goes Viral As The Hot “Third One From The Left” During The Billboard Awards

BTS’s Jin once again is gaining mass attention for his handsome good looks following the Billboard Music Awards.

Jin became a trending topic during the show online for standing third from the left in BTS’s lineup.

Image Source: Popsugar

“Third one from the left,” became a top search engine result for those looking to know who Jin was.

Jin’s flying kiss had everyone wondering who he was!

Everyone instantly fell for Jin’s charms and handsome features.

The search was on to learn who was the cutie standing in the lineup.

Jin gained new fans with just a couple of pictures taken of him.

He and V were both recognized for their insanely good looks.

Jin also went viral as the “Handsome Car Door Guy” when arriving during the 2015 Melon Music Awards.

Both Korean and International audiences’ across the world can’t get enough of BTS’s visual!