Jisoo’s Unusual Pre-Show Ritual Has BLACKPINK Divided

Her fellow members may not understand, but they love Jisoo’s conviction 💕😂

Before kicking off the North American leg of their BORN PINK world tour, BLACKPINK sat down with KIIS FM to discuss their new album, upcoming tour, favorite food in LA, and more.

BLACKPINK with KIIS FM radio personality Jojo Wright | @jojowright/Instagram

BLACKPINK arrived in LA shortly before visiting KIIS FM for their interview with radio personality JoJo Wright.

Although they admitted they were jet-lagged, the members couldn’t wait to fill fans in on their long-awaited second full-length album, BORN PINK.

The group also discussed re-acclimating to life on tour. Their last major tour spanned from November 2018 to February 2020 as the group traveled to Asia, North America, and Europe on their In Your Area world tour.

BLACKPINK at Coachella where they performed while in North America for their “In Your Area” | @coachella/Twitter

The BORN PINK tour is promised to be the biggest tour ever held for a K-Pop girl group, so naturally, the interview covered their preparations for the 45-show tour.

Although it takes a lot to prepare for a tour of that magnitude, BLACKPINK shared they missed being on tour and would often spend their free time watching old tour videos.

When it comes to packing for a world tour, Jennie and Rosé admitted it’s no small task while jokingly sharing they packed their whole lives.

After discussing preparations for their tour, BLACKPINK was asked about pre-show rituals. Lisa shared a standard answer of stretching before Jennie hilariously volunteered Jisoo to share her unique ritual.

Jisoo actually really likes to eat spicy noodles, spicy food right before she goes on tour.

— Jennie

When JoJo seemed taken aback, Jennie explained that Jisoo feels like eating spicy foods helps open up her vocal cords before her performance. Jennie jokingly stated she disagreed with Jisoo’s reasoning but respected her ritual.

Rosé and Lisa had the opposite reaction, agreeing they should try it sometime.

While the members may not share the same feelings about the ritual, they love that Jisoo has one she believes in!

Check out the full interview below!