UNI.T’s Jiwon Wanted To Date Eric Nam, Until This Happened

Eric Nam is apparently Yang Jiwon’s ideal type but the reason is even more surprising!

On an episode of 1 vs. 100, UNI.T’s Yang Jiwon confessed that Eric Nam was her ideal type.


The reason Eric Nam was her ideal type, however, was apparently because he was not very fashionable!

“When we were in the same agency, he was terrible at styling clothing and that’s my ideal type. His style was like that of a middle-aged man, he wore hiking clothes.” ㅡ Yang Jiwon


Yang Jiwon continued that one day, Eric Nam asked her out to coffee and she was very excited thinking he had asked her out on a date.

“We exchanged numbers and became close. Then one day, Eric Nam asked me out to coffee.” ㅡ Yang Jiwon


When she went to the coffee shop, however, she was disappointed to find 30 people gathered already.

“I was really excited and thought it could be a date but when I went there, there were 30 people. About 20~30 friends were hanging out. I realized it wasn’t a date and was a little disappointed thinking this must be an American thing.” ㅡ Yang Jiwon


Eric Nam, who was listening to her entire story, added that that’s how he usually got to know people in America.

“I don’t remember how I asked but in America, I usually called out many friends and got to know each other naturally since it’s awkward meeting just one on one.” ㅡ Eric Nam

Source: Segye Ilbo

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