Jiyoon Confesses Her Celebrity Ex-Boyfriend Cheated On Her With Multiple Female Celebrities

He was infamous.

Former 4MINUTE member Jiyoon appeared on a recent episode of Video Star and confessed that she was duped by her celebrity ex-boyfriend.

Jiyoon said she was determined not to date any more celebrities after an incident she encountered. She stated that it was around the time 4MINUTE debuted.

I’ve been severly hurt before. It was around the time 4MINUTE debuted. When I was young.

ㅡ Jiyoon


She explained that she began dating the guy after he asked her out, only to find out later that he was a famous playboy.


According to Jiyoon, this male celebrity was dating numerous other famous celebrities even while dating Jiyoon.


Shockingly, Jiyoon claims to have known three other women aside from herself that he was dating at the same time.


And when asked how she knew about this, she said it was hard not to know simply because of just how many people he was dating.


She concluded that the incident left her shocked and very hurt. Watch the full clip of her story below:

Source: Naver TV