JJ Project Apologizes To GOT7 Members For Making A Comeback

JJ Project have finally made a comeback with their new title song, “Tomorrow, Today” after being on hiatus for 5 years.

In a recent interview, JJ Project’s JB and Jinyoung said that they wanted to apologize to their fellow GOT7 members.

They explained that they were sorry to the other members for promoting outside of the group.

“We felt sorry to our GOT7 members, and decided to work harder. We think we need to work harder for them.”

— JB

“We made a comeback on behalf of GOT7, so we created the album to not cause harm or embarrass the members.”

— Jinyoung

It’s nice to see how understanding and supportive they are of their fellow members, even in their individual activities!

Source: Xports News and Naver Starcast

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