Jo In Sung Gives A Witty Response And Settles His Beard Controversy

Honestly, he still looks amazing!

Recently, actor Jo In Sung posted photos on his Instagram, sporting a bearded look, shocking many fans.

The photos gained much attention and received thousands of comments online.

Netizen comments | @joinsung_official/Instagram
Netizen comments | @joinsung_official/Instagram
Netizen comments | @joinsung_official/Instagram
Netizen comments | @joinsung_official/Instagram
Netizen comments | @joinsung_official/Instagram
  • “Huh? You’re lying…”
  • “You just stuck the beard on right? Are you working on a new project?”
  • “Oppa please don’t do the beard…”
  • “Are you testing my love for you?”
  • “What happened to his face.”

But most recently, he shared his position regarding the beard issue and why he grew it out.

A netizen commented, “It’s cool. It’s cool but someone please pay this man.”

Netizen comment on Jo In Sung’s Instagram | @zoinsung_official/Instagram

And to this, Jo In Sung replied, “I have the beard because I got paid.”

To this, netizens couldn’t help but laugh at his witty response.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Lolol it’s refreshing to see an actor talk about getting paid.”
  • “Lolololol.”
  • “Lol that’s a short and sweet explanation.”
  • “I thought it would be for a movie, but it really is! I wonder what kind of Na Hong Jin’s role is!”
  • “What kind of role does Na Hong Jin play?”
  • “Lololol the way he talks is so hilarious.”
  • “Yea I thought it would because of that.”

What are your thoughts on his beard? Yay or nay?

Source: theqoo