Jo Kwon Says He’s “Not A Drag Queen”

Jo Kwon‘s performance of Beyonce‘s “Crazy In love” left many in awe, but he still felt that he had to explain himself for dressing up as a woman.

On a recent episode of Mnet‘s Golden Tambourine, Jo Kwon dressed up as the diva Beyonce Knowles and went on stage to perform his rendition of “Crazy In Love”. The moment he stepped out, everyone was literally left with their jaw open, and immediately were amused and surprised.

Jo Kwon teased his Beyonce stage by posting this sexy picture on Instagram.

오늘밤9:40분#골든탬버린#mnet#T4 Today my stage Beyonce ???? . . . @beyonce #beyonce

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This isn’t the first time Jo Kwon has dressed up like a woman as he previously performed SISTAR’s “Touch My Body” in a blonde wig and pink lipstick. He later uploaded a post with two selfies, explaining that he does not dress up as a woman to be a drag queen but that he does it because he is a performer.

“You’re dressing up like a woman again? No, I am not just dressing in drag. I took the mic and danced live. I made a Jo Kwon performance. I’m not dressing up as a woman for no reason and I’m not a drag queen. I’m a live performer; it’s who I am.” –Jo Kwon

Watch Jo Kwon’s incredible performance here: