Jo Kwon Hopes To One Day Recreate His 2012 Sleeper Hit “Animal” With BTS’s J-Hope

“I was so surprised to see so many encouraging messages on my Twitter account.”

Jo Kwon recently expressed his feelings about the rise in popularity of his first solo song, “Animal.”

On the SBS radio show Heo Ji Woong Show and MBC‘s Radio Star, Jo Kwon appeared as a guest and discussed his 2012 song “Animal” and his relationship with HYBE Labels CEO Bang Si Hyuk.


Back when 2AM was at its peak, Jo Kwon was under a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment from 2008 to 2014 (when the collaboration was split and he became fully a part of JYP Entertainment). He is currently under Cube Entertainment as of 2017. However, Jo Kwon has always been close with Bang Si Hyuk as he was the one who gifted him his first pair of heels.

He revealed that he now has about forty pairs of them! He commented, “I’ve fallen down while wearing regular shoes many times, but I’ve never fallen when wearing high heels.”

As the creator of his now-iconic look, you would think Bang Si Hyuk would keep in touch with Jo Kwon. However, Jo Kwon provoked a lot of laughter when he revealed that he hasn’t been able to contact the CEO in a long time!

| @kwon_jo/Instagram


Through this collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment, he created “Animal” with the then pre-debut BTS‘s J-Hope, which is now regaining attention.

[Animal] is my first solo song which features J-Hope and was produced by Bang Si Hyuk. I wore 20cm high heels and danced in styles such as voguing and waacking. At that time, the song was considered to be too ahead of its time. But recently, it topped the music charts in the Middle East. I was so surprised to see so many encouraging messages on my Twitter account. I am very, very grateful to BTS’s J-Hope for being with me [during that time].

—Jo Kwon

He further left a message by thanking J-Hope again and expressing how amazing it was that it was gaining attention in 2021. He shared, “If we have a chance, later on, I hope we can perform a new version together.”

We can’t wait to see it!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and Image (1) and (2)


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