Jo Kwon Is Unrecognizably Ripped Now That He’s in the Military

Jo Kwon went to the military and then turned into Thor.

Singer, Jo Kwon recently shared photos of himself working out during his mandatory military service.

The photos that he recently shared on his official Instagram account show him looking like a tough guy with a very impressive physique.

What makes these photos stand out is the fact that Jo Kwon looks nearly unrecognizable with his new build since he was initially known for his more slim figure.

And he didn’t just build muscle, but he got so jacked that his new nickname could be “Thor”.


On top of that, even his facial expression screamed charisma which draws even more attention to the talented idol’s new look.

Jo Kwon enlisted in the military last August and is set to be discharged in March of 2020.

Source: Dispatch