Jo Min Ki’s Daughter Speaks Up For The First Time Since His Death, Addresses Rumors About Her

Jo Min Ki’s daughter cleared up the rumors about her potential agency contract.

For the first time since the #MeToo allegation against actor Jo Min Ki and his following suicide, his daughter Youn Kyoung Elena Cho re-opened her Instagram account to upload an official statement regarding the rumors about her being a celebrity-in-training.


A reporter shared on a TV program that Elena Cho got very close to signing with an entertainment agency earlier this year, but was unable to because of “family matters”.

“Only two weeks later, the allegations broke. I believe she was trying to become an influencer or a celebrity that could help her mother’s business.” — Reporter


Captioned “This is about the media coverage and articles about my entertainment agency contract”,  Elena Cho explained in a series of pictures containing her position.

“First of all, because I am better known as someone’s daughter, I decided it would be irresponsible of me to resume my social media activities without writing first. So here goes.

I turned my Instagram account private for the people who will be reminded of bad memories or victims who will be discussed again because of me. Since then, I have been focusing on my studies, preparing for my doctorate degree next year. I’m writing this, however, because overnight, I had been turned into a celebrity-trainee.” — Elena Cho


The “entertainment agency contract” in question never happened, according to Elena Cho, not because of what happened to her father but what she personally decided.

“It is correct that I want to become a cosmetics specialist. I plan on studying science in depth so that I can produce products that can heal dermatologic conditions. Unfortunately, based on unverified rumors, I was portrayed as someone who wanted to become a TV personality but couldn’t.

While I’m no one special, some people had interest in how I’m studying abroad. I wanted to share my graduate school life and pursuit of my dream with these people, so I thought about starting a Vlog. Because I don’t know anything about video editing, nor am I smart enough to pick it up alone, I did contact a few agencies that manage these things. In the end, however, I decided that I’d like to start things off myself, give it my color, then think about contracts later on.” — Elena Cho


She concluded the statement, claiming she will no longer allow extremely malicious comments to hurt her or her family.

“I read all the criticism that came my way and my family’s way. Through this, I was able to reflect upon a lot of things. However, I will have to start taking action against comments and rumors that are not true and extreme in nature.

Lastly, I sincerely apologize to those of you who will be mentioned and talked about again because of my posting this statement. I’m sorry.” — Elena Cho


In 2015, Elena Cho appeared on Take Care of My Dad with Jo Min Ki and received some spotlight for her being on a successful educational track in the United States.

When the news of her father’s #MeToo allegation first broke, she received a tremendous amount of hatred and criticism on her social media, to which she responded by turning it private.


Jo Min Ki committed suicide shortly before he was set to go in for questioning.

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