Jo In Sung Reveals What’s Most Difficult For Him When It Comes To Dating

Jo In Sung may seem to live a blessed life thanks to his fame and good looks, but he reveals that he has difficulties dating.

Jo In Sung is one of the most famous actors in the Korean entertainment industry, as he’s best known for his tall height, built figure, and a stunning face.


You’d think being born as Jo In Sung would only be a blessing, but he revealed on Radio Star that it has its disadvantages in life.

In my opinion, I don’t think the image of Jo In Sung the star actor isn’t advantageous in living one’s life.

— Jo In Sung


He says he’s struggled with dating because his fame could become a burden to his partner, which could ultimately be the reason that the relationship doesn’t work out.

Take dating for example, I feel like the women can feel burdened [by my fame]. I don’t think there’s only good sides [to my fame].

When I date, my girlfriend could face a lot of struggles because I’m Jo In Sung.

— Jo In Sung


Knowing how burdensome it could be, Jo In Sung can’t help but overthink when it comes to dating. He actually doesn’t meet women as easily as one may think given his looks and fame.

A lot of people ask me if it’s easy for me to meet a lot of women because of my looks, but it’s not always the case.

I end up thinking a lot about it, and it may just be better for the other person to date someone who’s less burdensome.

— Jo In Sung


Fellow co-star Bae Sung Woo couldn’t help but chime in what everyone was thinking… Being born as Jo In Sung is a blessing nonetheless!

You were born with a huge blessing.

— Bae Sung Woo


After a good laugh, Jo In Sung admitted that there are good sides and bad sides to everything, and the only thing you can do in life is to over come it and move on!

“You can’t just run away from it. You have to fight against it and overcome the [disadvantages].”

— Jo In Sung


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