Jobless Woman Makes Her Office Romance Fantasies Come True

She put matters into her own hands.

An unemployed woman was able to make her dreams come true despite some major roadblocks.

Twitter (X) user Linen Kuramochi (@linenkuramochi) recounted the time she was able to make her fantasies a reality. To be specific, she wanted to experience the popular manga-anime genre shanai renai (“in-company romance”) which depicts co-workers falling in love.

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Unfortunately, there was one big obstacle blocking her from living this dream—her lack of a job. At the very least, however, she already had a boyfriend who could help her out should she fix this aforementioned problem.

With a determined mind, she put matters into her own hands in order to carry out her own “shanai renai” office romance.

First up, Linen Kuramochi donned the suit that she wore to her graduation ceremony in order to imitate the business formal attire of office workers.

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To complete her look, she even printed out her own fake company ID.

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She then packed lovingly-made bento boxes for their lunch, bringing the meals with her on a one-hour commute to her boyfriend’s office.

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The two of them found an empty spot near the boyfriend’s office and spent the lunch break enjoying the food and each other’s company, fulfilling the simple fantasy that she always wanted!

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Needless to say, netizens loved her story, singing praises towards the couple. They, too, want to experience this kind of sweet office romance.

  • So sweet!
  • I wish someone loved me this much.
  • You really put a lot of thought into this. I’d be so happy if someone did this for me.
  • This is so cool! I’m gonna do this for my girlfriend.
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