John Cena Has Once Again Proved He Is An ARMY, This Time In The Cutest Way Possible

John Cena.. speaking Korean…?

John Cena has made it known many times now that he is a fan of BTS, but there was one thing he never did, until now.

John Cena Reveals How He Became Part Of BTS’s A.R.M.Y


BTS has been part of many interview since their arrival in the United States to prepare for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, they were once again asked if they had met John Cena before.


While RM said they haven’t met him yet, J-Hope said it is something they really want to do, and RM mentioned they have been watching him on TV since they were 10.


John Cena must have seen this as he posted a clip of himself declaring himself as an ARMY… quite literally!

John Cena said “BTS, 나는 군데다” which translates to “BTS, I am an army.” However 군데 is the literal term for army in Korean.


John Cena has gone the extra step to once again prove he is an ARMY. Hopefully BTS and John Cena can meet in person soon!