John Cena Reveals How He Became Part Of BTS’s A.R.M.Y

It was a happy accident!

With one single picture, John Cena was introduced to K-Pop and ended up becoming a huge BTS fan! In a recent interview with Trending Live, the professional wrestler and actor opened up about his love for the band.


The picture that sparked the internet’s interest was a screenshot of J-Hope in BTS’s “Spring Day” music video.

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That picture was posted in a different context and he admitted it had a special meaning to him.


After his Instagram exploded with comments about BTS and people asked if he was a part of A.R.M.Y, he became really curious.

  • “J-Hopeeeeeeeeeee! Welcome to the fandom!!”

  • “I can’t believe we got John Cena in our family!”

  • “OMG! You’re an A.R.M.Y?”

  • “The post that started it all…”

  • “Are you an A.R.M.Y??”

  • “John Cena is an A.R.M.Y!!!”


John was so curious that he decided to do some research. He now says he knows more about global music culture, as well as, Korean culture and has started to listen to BTS.


Since then, John has posted numerous updates about BTS and is very proud member of A.R.M.Y!


Check out his interview with Trending Live below!

Source: @TrendingLive and Twitter Moments