John Cho Was Congratulated For “Parasite” Winning At The Oscars… Despite Not Being In It

What are your thoughts on this faux pas?

Everyone couldn’t hide their delight at Parasite‘s big win at the Oscars. The film is widely acknowledged as being deserving of the honor of winning “Best Film”, but additionally, it has been praised for addressing controversial topics, like social inequality.

Perhaps, it was in their excitement that many people mistakenly congratulated talented actor John Cho, who was not in the film or otherwise involved with it, on its sweep of the award show.

While John Cho is undeniably talented and handsome, as showcased by the #StarringJohnCho movement started by screenwriter William Yu, it is undeniably problematic that he was congratulated for a foreign film he wasn’t involved in, regardless of however good their intentions might have been.

Mock Up of “Avengers” posted #StarringJohnCho | Source: @its_willyu/Twitter

What do you think of John being congratulated for Parasite‘s win? Do you think it was an honest mistake or a racist microaggression?