John Legend Likes Tweet Of V and Jungkook Covering “All Of Me”

A fan asked John Legend to check out a clip of V and Jungkook’s duet – and he did!

Fans fell in love with BTS‘s V‘s and Jungkook‘s impromptu “All Of Me” cover, and now John Legend “likes” it too!


Twitter user taekook_vitamin tweeted this clip to the song’s original singer, saying that her life would be complete if he watched it.


It looks like her wish came true since this clip is now in John Legend’s “liked tweets” section!


Jungkook and V sang “All of Me” on April 19, during BTS’s Happy Ever After fan meet in Japan. The duet was short and sweet, but fans are hoping for a complete version now that Jungkook and V have John Legend’s stamp of approval!