Jonathan Thona Reveals The Funny Times Where He Pretended That He Couldn’t Understand And Speak Korean

Jonathan’s not a very good liar.

Jonathan Thona revealed on an episode of Happy Together the times where he pretended that he couldn’t speak or understand Korean.

Jonathan learned Korean because his father was employed in South Korea, so his family decided to move there in order to be with him. His family has been on broadcasts before, so Jonathan is quite famous in Korea.

Jonathan reveals that whenever he goes to Seoul, he usually uses an Airbnb as a place to sleep.

Jonathan, however, decided he wanted to stay in his room and not go outside because he was too tired to talk to anyone if they recognized him.

Jonathan forgot his toothbrush however and actually had to go outside to retrieve it.

Jonathan tried his best to act as if he couldn’t understand or speak Korean, using as little Korean as possible.

Jonathan’s clear pronunciation got him caught and people were able to recognize him, despite him trying his hardest not to get caught.

Here is the full video below!