JONGHYUN’s Inspiration MV Left Behind As SM Releases New MVs

When an entertainment company uploads a teaser, fans expect an MV to come quickly. This has strangely not been the case for JONGHYUN‘s “Inspiration”.

After JONGHYUN’s Inspiration concerts on December 3rd and 4th, SM Entertainment released a teaser video (on December 6th) for his single, “Inspiration”. This teaser video excited Shaowls (SHINee fans) and they have waited ever since for the actual release.

In the video’s description, the company states, “SM STATION‘s new track “Inspiration”, by JONGHYUN, will be released on Dec 9th. Enjoy the music video teaser of the song and look forward to the new station track!” This clearly indicated that, as is the case with any other teaser, the full music video would soon follow.

December 9th came and went, however, and the single was released but the MV was nowhere to be found. Fans speculated that, so as to not spoil anything for the concert, the music video might be released after his Busan concerts (on December 17th and 18th). JONGHYUN’s concerts went ahead as scheduled, but the music video still did not show up.

2 weeks and 2 SM Station songs later, there is strangely still no MV for JONGHYUN’s “Inspiration”.

SM Station released the single “It’s you” featuring Shin Yong Jae:

The company also released their Station song for Christmas, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, featuring Red Velvet‘s Wendy, Jay JungJae Moon, and Nile Lee on December 23rd.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this situation has occurred for JONGHYUN this year. In March, SM STATION released “Your Voice” by Heritage and JONGHYUN but only released the MV teaser.

On March 18th, the day the single was scheduled to release, there was no MV and no announcement made by SM.

There’s surely a good reason for this, but if JONGHYUN’s “Inspiration” MV is anything like his Inspiration concert, then we are definitely missing out on some good eye-candy.