Jonghyun’s Missing Pet Dog Has Finally Been Found, And Returned Home

Roo is lost no more!

The sudden disappearance of Jonghyun’s dog, Roo, led to a widespread search started by his sister, Kim So Dam. 


The late singer was very fond of the pet and constantly posted about her on social media. 

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The disappearance sparked a widespread hunt started by his sister, Kim Soo Dam, which even caught the attention of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. 

She re-posted Kim So Dam’s post on the Instagram for her own dog named Zero.


After all the efforts, Kim So Dam later revealed that Roo has been found!

“We found Roo. Thank you.” — Kim So Dam


It seems Roo had swam across from the forest in front of the LK Hotel in Gangwon. Jonghyun’s sister also thanked the fans and followers for the efforts made in bringing Roo home. 

“Our Roo was by the river. She’s returned to her mom and sister’s arms. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us. Thank you to all the fans of Jonghyun who came out to help us find Roo despite the weather being like today…” — Kim So Dam


She also updated that Roo was doing fine and she seems to be as healthy as ever!

“Thankfully she seems fine and healthy.” — Kim So Dam


To find Roo, fans have been sharing the flyer through online communities and social media. Those who have witnessed the pet reported the location from time to time in a bid to find her quickly. 


And find her they did! 

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