Joo Haknyeon Under Fire For Comment About Recent Earthquake In Pohang

The Boyz’sJoo Haknyeon received criticism for his comments about the earthquake in Pohang. 

The region was recently hit with 5.4 magnitude scale earthquake which left more than 1,700 people displaced from their homes and 75 injured. 

Joo Haknyeon, on the other hand, was sending a video message to students taking the entrance examinations this year. 

The message was well thought out until he closed the message saying,

“The weather is cold these days. Maybe an earthquake happened because the ground was shivering from the cold.” 

– Joo Haknyeon

The nature of his message in line with recent events received backlash for its inconsiderate tone. 

It received quite a diverse response from “It was a little strange but not malicious” to “It is already rude thinking about the victims of the earthquake.” 

Joo Haknyeon first gained fame for his appearance on Produce 101.

Creker Entertainment and Joo Haknyeon haven’t made a statement regarding the issue yet.

Source: Dispatch