Popular Male Actor Gave His Fan A Hug Which Turned Out Terribly Awkward For Everyone Everywhere

No one knew what to do next…

Famous actor Ju Ji Hoon once attended a promotional event where one lucky fan was allowed a hug!


It all started off fine when Ju Ji Hoon gave his fan a simple hug.


But he then suddenly put his arms underneath her armpits and lifted her up… then swung her around two times as she dangled in mid-air…


Literally everyone burst out in laughter at the awkward exchange but the two shook hands and parted ways.


A fellow cast member scolded him for swinging her around to show everyone her wedgie!


Netizens agreed that although the exchange was sweet… it was the most awkward hug to ever exist in history!


But then again… Who would care if it was a hug from Ju Ji Hoon?!

Source: Nate Pann