Joohoney’s Impressive Singing In MONSTA X’s “WHO DO U LOVE?” Has Everyone Shook

The main vocalist jumped out.

Joohoney has already proven himself as a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to musical talent: he raps, writes, and composes songs extremely well. One of his less-known talents is singing; as the main rapper of MONSTA X, Joohoney rarely sings, but every time he does he leaves the world gasping for air. One of the first times he went viral for his singing ability was in 2018 when MONSTA X covered “Versace On The Floor”.

monsta x‘s main rapper is better than some other group‘s main vocalist lol

– YouTube: limitenless

“Main vocalist” Joohoney is back in “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” in which both Joohoney and I.M leave all of the rapping to French Montana. Instead of singing background in the chorus like I.M, however, Joohoney literally became the main vocal of the song, singing the first verse and adlibs throughout.

Not only did Joohoney kill it as main vocalist, he also had a part in writing and composing the song which is further proof that there’s nothing he can’t do. Watch the full music video for “WHO DO U LOVE?” below:


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