Joon Park Reveals Why He Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

He’s an admirable man.

Joon Park or Park Joonhyung of g.o.d. is known as one of the most outgoing and funny celebrities in Korea.

The outgoing Joon Park revealed that he doesn’t partake in the drinking of alcohol and says it’s for multiple reasons.

One of the main issues he has with alcohol is that he can’t have an enjoyable time while drinking it. He talks about how his face and body just start turning purple once he starts and that this makes it hard to have a good time.

The biggest reason he might not be drinking is that he has a habit of fighting once he drinks. That he’s constantly trying to fight the effects of alcohol and this eventually leads him to start picking up bad habits.

He says it gets pretty bad and that he might even start bickering with people for no apparent reason. Yet, he acknowledges these issues he has with drinking and that alcohol just isn’t the right fit for himself.