Joy admits she felt absolutely stunned by Irene’s beauty when she first saw her

Red Velvet’s Irene is famous for her undeniable beauty, and Joy reveals how she felt when she first saw her.

Red Velvet’s Joy and Irene appeared on JTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together, visiting random households to eat dinner together with the neighbors.

Kang Ho Dong asked Joy about a rumor that he heard about Joy and Irene.

“I heard somewhere that you were very surprised when you first met Irene. Is that true?”

— Kang Ho Dong

And Joy revealed the truth behind their first encounter.

“Yes, I was stunned by Irene, because she was so pretty”

— Joy

And he was curious if Joy knew herself that she was also pretty.

“Since when did you know that you were pretty?”

— Kang Ho Dong

And Joy answered very honestly.

“I knew since I was very young because everyone would tell me that I’m pretty.

I thought I was the prettiest in my town.

But when I started training, everyone there was so pretty.

Then I realized that I am not the prettiest one.”

— Joy

Humored by Joy’s honest answers, Kang Ho Dong also asked if Irene was aware of her beauty.

“Irene, do you like you yourself?

Do you also know that you are pretty?”

— Kang Ho Dong


And Irene was in the same boat as Joy!

“Uh, Yes. I just like myself”

— Irene

The hosts had a good laugh at the two beauties’ truthful personality.

But it’s undeniable that Red Velvet’s Joy and Irene are two of the most beautiful idols!