Joy’s First Ever Drama Kiss Scene Is Trending In Korea For Obvious Reasons

This kiss was no chaste peck.

Red Velvet‘s Joy shared her first on-screen kiss with co-star Woo Do Hwan, but this kiss was no chaste peck. Her passionate lip-action left viewers gasping for more!

The kiss took place during episode eight of MBC‘s romantic drama, Tempted. Joy’s character, Eun Tae Hee, confessed her feelings to Woo Do Hwan’s character, Kwon Shi Hyun, while the two were in a convenience store.


In reply to Joy’s confession, Woo Do Hwan leaned in and kissed Joy tenderly.



Joy’s eyelids fluttered as the kiss deepened…


…and the couple shared a passionate look when they parted.


Their first kiss was more than enough to make viewers (and probably the convenience store clerk!) open every window in range, but that second kiss?

Someone call the fire department! The store is burning down!


This couple’s kissing chemistry is off the charts, even in this behind the scenes footage.


This may have been Joy’s first drama kiss, but it certainly left viewers anxious for more!


Check out the full kiss scene:

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