JTBC Political News Anchor Caught Fanboying Over BTS On TV

JTBC political news anchor was caught fanboying over BTS on live news broadcast and BTS fans spotted him!

Twitter user @glitter_jk translated a clip of JTBC’s Political Desk covering a brief news on BTS attending the AMAs.

In the video, the director and main host Lee Sang Bok delivered the news on BTS’s performance on the AMAs and revealed that he favours Jimin of all other members.

Director Lee Sang Bok is a great fan of BTS, and BTS is, in fact, the idol group who has been most mentioned in this news program that covers political issues.

Director Lee Sang Bok continued to talk about BTS and other hosts told him to stop and revealed that the director was dancing to BTS’s performance before their show started.

“I saw you keep on dancing with earphones plugged in your ears. Were you watching BTS’s performances?”

— Other hosts

The director’s answer was full of love towards BTS.

“Yes. Of course. This is huge news and of course, I know the lyrics of DNA. Our encounter is a Mathematical formula, Law of religion.. something like that. Ok, let’s stop. But AMAs is one of the major 3 prestigious Music Awards in the U.S and this is really an honour. Plus American fans were chanting together to DNA, and it was really thrilling.”

— Director Lee Sang Bok

The director Lee Sang Bok was also caught trying to memorize names of K-Pop idols groups, which included BTS RM’s name.

BTS sure has fans from broad range of society!