Popular BL Stars Shock Netizens With A Sexy Photobook Together…Even Though They Are Brothers IRL

It’s available online for digital purchase.

The BL (boy love) genre of dramas has steadily gained popularity through the years. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest markets for BL is Thailand, where drama couples can hold fan meetings and even have their own lightsticks.

“OffGun” couple Off (left) and Gun (right). | GMMTV
OffGun lightstick | GMMTV

BLs are also popular in Taiwan and Korea, though the latter has only upped production recently, including K-Pop stars in their cast.

Cha Seo Won (left) and B1A4’s Gongchan (right) | tvING

Recently, a pair of stars from a Taiwanese BL series released a sexy photo book with an unexpected twist.

In 2019, the third “season” of the HIStory drama series aired centered around a shy, highly driven student and an outgoing student who lives life more on the edge.


Two cast members that captured attention were Xia De and Xia En, twin brothers who played supporting roles.

Xia De and Xia En

In 2020, the brothers starred in a micro-series, My Broken Love Story, which helped to build their fan base even more.

Known as the JTwins online, each has accumulated over 120 thousand followers on individual Instagram accounts and their popular shared account. They are also active on TikTok.


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Recently, the pair released a photobook with content that shocked some netizens. With the word “Bromance” on one of the two covers, the twin brothers are shown in some suggestive poses.

For fans of the HIStory series, this content might not be too far-fetched — HIStory: Crossing the Line is about two step-brothers trying to resist their feelings for each other.

Still, netizens were surprised by the photobook, expressing their shock online.