Julien Kang Found Out He’s Actually Not Half-Korean And Half-French

He has more Mongolian in his genes than Korean.

Julien Kang received his DNA test results, and he shared it for all to see on his official Instagram account.

Julien Kang was born to a Korean father and a French mother.

As such, he has always introduced himself as half-Korean and half-French. But the DNA test results suggested otherwise.

It’s common for genetic backgrounds to be a mix of many different origins, but Julien Kang was particularly shocked at the fact that he had more Mongolian in him than Korean.

He captioned the reveal, “I took a DNA test, but the results… I found out something I didn’t know before. This is so cool.

What made fans laugh even more was how he added a photo of Genghis Khan and captioned it, “My ancestor?

Who would’ve known?