Recent Photos of Julien Kang Have People Wondering If His Shoulders Are Actually Real

Those can’t be real… Or are they?

Julien Kang recently updated his fans with a photo of himself at the airport along with the caption, “I’m embarking on a new adventure.

In the photo, Julien Kang’s facial expression is full of excitement ahead of his vacation, but what took the spotlight was his impressively bulked-up body.


He has always been known for being jacked, but he’s been receiving extra attention these days for his very solid physique.

All he was doing was standing still, but it looked like his arms and shoulders were about to rip out of his t-shirt.

In particular, his shoulders look so unrealistically big that it has fans wondering if he’s wearing shoulder pads.

Ahead of this reveal, Julien Kang showed off his solid six-pack in various photoshoots as well.

With how much he works out, it might not be surprising to some that he has all that muscle, but it’s hard not to stare at his stature and wonder if he’s actually Captain America by night.

Source: Insight